✍️ Writing tips from Stephen King 💰A $100M Series A for Bubble
🇯🇵 How to live a better and longer life 🧙🏻 Wized turns Webflow into an app builder
✍️  How to write content in 2021 🦄  Coda is now a unicorn
⚔️ The War of Art 🧱 Synced Blocks are now available on Notion
🪝 How to hook users 💳 Stripe introduces Payments Links
💵 Manage your personal finances 💰 A $8M Series A for Adalo
🚦5 learnings from Matthew McConaughey's book 🔌 Notion's API is here
✍🏻 How to improve your written content 🇪🇺 Notion's Block x Block Summit
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